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Allen Killgore & White, PC is a full-service law firm that offers expert commercial and construction legal representation to a variety of business and individual clients. Our experienced attorneys are committed to providing the best client service at all times, focusing on unique, tailored strategies and solutions for your specific legal matter.



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Construction/Mechanic's and Materialmen's Liens


Our attorneys will help ensure that you are in compliance with statutory deadlines and requirements can be complicated and tedious.  We offer flat rates for lien notices and filing.  

Each of our attorneys are also experienced in the various options available to construction professions for the removal of invalid and unenforceable liens.

Construction and Commercial Contract Disputes


Whether you are a construction professional or have a business with another specialty, the attorneys at our firm can help you both resolve your current contract dispute and help you determine how to best protect your business from future disputes.

Construction and Commercial Litigation


Our attorneys will evaluate your unique litigation needs and work with you to ensure you take advantage of all available remedies and opportunities for resolution, including alternative dispute resolution and, if necessary, trial.



We can assist you with developing effective collection strategies for collecting both pre-litigation and post-judgment debts for your business.



We can help you evaluate the challenges you have faced in your business and identify your needs, from formation to specific contract provisions and other documents to give you the best protection in future disputes.



As part of the comprehensive approach to legal services, our attorneys offer our construction and commercial clients experienced assistance in resolving EEOC and other employment claims.



Let Our Experienced Attorneys Help You Resolve Your Commercial or Construction-Related Legal Dispute

Allen Killgore & White is a law firm born of the desire of its partners to provide holistic legal services to clients who seek a more personal relationship with their attorneys.  Our experience in the various facets of commercial and construction law allows our clients to receive comprehensive legal services from a team of attorneys within the same firm, rather than manage separate representation for their commercial, collection and litigation needs. We find this approach is far more efficient for both clients and the attorneys representing them. When an attorney has first-hand experience with the collection and/or litigation challenges your business has faced, they can work with you to ensure that your contracts, terms and conditions of sale, and internal procedures are all working together to overcome those challenges. 


Each of our attorneys brings a different strength and perspective to the legal challenges we face, and those different perspectives allow us to bring unique strategies for resolutions to our clients. We believe firmly in evaluating each case a client brings to us honestly and completely and in working together with our clients to find a truly workable solution We at AKW give all clients direct access to the attorney(s) working with them and it is our policy that all client communications are answered within 24 hours of receipt.  


Our attention to detail, comprehensive approach to practicing law and commitment to truly ethical representation of our clients enables us to serve an array of clients, from small individual subcontractors to general contractors and developers.





Rhonda Allen is senior partner at Allen, Kilgore & White, PC, where sheRhonda focuses her practice in the resolution of legal disputes for commercial clients as well as those with construction-related claims.  She has utilized her decades-long experience in commercial and construction litigation to assist her clients in evaluating their legal issues and determining the options for resolution that best suit their individual resources and needs.  


Rhonda's in-depth experience includes evaluating and revising contracts, employment policies and practices, operations procedures to minimize the risk of employment discrimination and wage claims.  She is also knowledgeable in how to take advantage of pre-litigation settlement strategies and opportunities, and as well as advocating for her clients in court.  


Rhonda recently led our team of attorneys in successfully advocating for one of AKW’s residential construction home-builder clients in the Texas Supreme Court.  In re Elizondo, Texas Supreme Court, No. 17–0197. Hyperlink to this site:


Rhonda takes particular pride in the personalized attorney/client relationships she develops with her clients and seeks to ensure they remain well informed of their options and risks so that they can make the best choices for their businesses.



Nicole Killgore is the founding partner at Allen, Kilgore & White, PC.  In keeping with the mission of Allen, Killgore & White, PC, Nicole provides her commercial and construction industry clients with comprehensive legal assistance in the capacity of outside general counsel. Nicole is able to provide a more affordable alternative to traditional in-house counsel by working closely with her clients to gain an in-depth understanding of their business activities and objectives, and developing a plan for legal services tailored to each client’s specific needs.


Nicole also has in-depth experience in filing and defending mechanic’s and materialman’s liens for construction clients, and in litigating contract disputes for commercial clients across an array of industries.



Linda Johnson White is managing partner of Allen Killgore & White, PC . Her professional philosophy combines a thorough understanding of the law with strong ethical practice and zealous representation of her clients’ interests. Clients primarily seek her out for matters related to commercial and residential construction law, including litigation and general corporate legal services for businesses in the construction sector.


Ms. White has represented clients from all facets of the construction industry, including property owners, material providers, developers, builders and general contractors. She has experience in filing and defending mechanic’s and materialman’s liens, construction defect litigation, contract disputes between builders/general contractors and owners, as well as between original contractors and subcontractors. Together with Senior Partner, Rhonda L. Allen, Ms. White has also successfully represented construction -industry clients in appellate-level proceedings.

The focus at Allen Killgore & White, PC is on comprehensive, holistic legal representation: we want to give all clients the option of having outside general counsel that can attend the entire spectrum of their legal needs. This means that like all of our attorneys, Ms. White also has experience with representing both construction industry and non-construction corporate clients in all types of civil disputes including employment and non-compete issues, pre-litigation alternative dispute resolution, contract and corporate document drafting, as well as collection disputes both pre and post litigation.



  • State Bar of Texas

  • Houston Association of Women Attorneys (AWA)





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